Mobile Optimization

Target the Devices that Matter to Your Users

At Araymus, we focus on making your site accessible from every social platform, browser, and software. But where our priority truly lies is in accessibility on every possible device.

This is why mobile-friendly, responsive design is at the core of the websites we build. We design every site to be able to scale it’s content up or down in order to fit the screen it’s being viewed on. This fundamental part of our process ensures that our client’s sites retain the most visitors and ranks higher on Google.

A website focused on accessibility is not just a good practice of developers, it is an essential part of a successful digital presence in your industry. Search engines will punish websites that are not compatible on smartphones and tablets. They view an outdated, non-responsive site as a poor experience for the visitor using their search engine, and will lower the rank of your website as a result, even if your site is exactly what the searcher is looking for.

Internet traffic on smartphones is now well over 50%, with people checking their email on their phone 80% of the time.

Google confirmed last year that mobile web traffic has surpassed desktop computers in total monthly searches.

That means the majority of your potential workers (younger people especially) are experiencing their first interaction with your business via their phones. In fact, 90% of smartphone users have said that they have used their device “to make progress toward a long-term goal or multistep process while ’out and about.’”

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Mobile Optimization Matters!

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